Anderson Silva: The Spider’s Venom

Anderson Silva is one of the greatest MMA fighters ever, and easily the best Pound for Pound fighter out there today. A lot of people out there who enjoy fighting and watching fights got their start as kids watching Bruce Lee movies. Silva took it to another level by emulating everything Lee did, and then he stepped it up even more until Bruce Lee’s ghost  appeared to say “Damn! You Scary!”. That really happened, I want to say it was UFC 64. Where was I? Oh right, Silva is like Neo at the end of the Matrix, he’s figured out how to bend time and space so that everyone else looks like a sleeping sloth and he looks like a cheetah on cocaine. In this fight with Jorge Rivera, a solid fighter in his own right, Silva beats him down so thoroughly he had to deal with human rights organizations after. Watch the camera’s zoom in on Jorge right after the stoppage, the look in his eyes is exactly what happens when you see your life flash before you.

A few years later, after dominating the UFC’s middleweight contenders, Silva moved up to 205 lbs. for the second time to fight fan favorite Forrest Griffin. The first time he went up in weight he knocked out James Irvin with one punch (see picture at the top for Irvin’s remains), Forrest only wishes he could have been less embarrassed than that. Silva bobs and weaves out of the way of any Griffin attack like an oracle told him the day before exactly what Griffin would be doing. Anderson only needs to clip Forrest a couple of times before he goes down more of broken pride than broken jaw.

Silva’s fight with Chael Sonnen is probably the best fight that I’ve ever watched live. Silva had pretty much steamrolled everyone he’d fought in the UFC, sans a couple of lackluster fights against not-so-game opponents. Then comes Chael talking all sorts of trash about Silva and his camp and his teammates. That prompted Wanderlei Silva’s infamous “in Brazil, you lose your teeth if you don’t show respect” lecture towards Chael. This fight delivered. Chael dominated most of the fight with top control and little rabbit punches from the top. On the feet it was still Silva’s game, but it never stayed standing for long. Then with 2 minutes left in the fight . . . shit just watch it. (scroll down until you see the title of the fight with a password you have to type in to watch it)

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